Call to Action: Income Taxes

The fact is middle class families with more than one person earning wages and even some single workers will be hit with increased taxes if this bill is passed.

The New Mexico Business Coalition encourages New Mexicans to contact the Chair and all members of the House Taxation and Revenue Committee and ask them to VOTE NO on HB 168. New Mexico does not need higher income taxes.

Contact the committee NOW. Click on the name to email, or use the phone number listed: Edward Sandoval, Chair, (505) 986-4420
Jim Trujillo, (505) 986-4336
Ernest Chavez, (505) 986-4235
Anna Crook, (505) 986-4454
George Dodge, (505) 986-4341
Jason Harper, (505) 986-4254
Tim Lewis, (505) 986-4254
Bill McCamley, (505) 986-4233
Dennis Roch, (505) 986-4452
Jeff Steinborn, (505) 986-4435
James Strickler, (505) 986-4227
Thomas Taylor, (505) 986-4249
Carl Trujillo, (505) 986-4234
Bob Wooley, (505) 986-4453

Some Relief with a Word of Caution: Two really bad ZEROES (pieces of legislation) hit the pavement in House Voters and Elections Committee on Tuesday, 2/4/14:

HJR 1 Local Government Funds for Private Use, CA, Rep Nate Cote A constitutional amendment (CA) that allows:
Use of taxpayer money to benefit individuals, associations and corporations;
No restrictions on use of money, except for public purpose to enhance quality of life.

Bipartisan vote to table the bill by 10 members of the committee including: Rep Mary Helen Garcia, Chair; Tom Anderson; Paul Bandy; Moe Maestas; Speaker Ken Martinez; Bill Rehm; Debbie Rodella; Edward Sandoval; James Smith; Monica Youngblood. The only committee member voting against the tabling motion was the bill’s sponsor, Rep Nate Cote.

HJR 3 Land Grant Fund for Education Reforms, CA, Rep Jim Trujillo A constitutional amendment (CA) that extends indefinitely additional distributions from the Land Grant Permanent Fund to education: Permanent .5% increase in withdrawals to 5.5%;
Increased minimum balance to $10 billion;
Unclear purpose of reforms to increase educational performance;
No termination of withdrawals without legislative action.

Committee members Rep Tom Anderson, Paul Bandy, Bill Rehm, James Smith, Monica Youngblood and Speaker Ken Martinez voted to table the bill. Committee members voting ‘No’ to tabling (indicating their desire to see the bill pass): Rep Mary Helen Garcia, Chair; Moe Maestas; Debbie Rodella; Edward Sandoval; and Nate Cote.

A word of caution: The NMBC commends the actions of Speaker Martinez in voting to table this bill. It is our sincere hope that his decision was based on how detrimental this move would be to the fund and not a political move that would allow him to bring the bill back at another time. If passed by the legislature and voters, New Mexico’s children would be left without future educational resources by significantly damaging the fund’s ability to grow.

This fund currently saves New Mexicans who pay taxes about 15 percent annually.

The NMBC is adamantly opposed to legislating through Constitutional Amendments or damaging the Permanent Fund with excessive withdrawals.

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