Call to Action – Recreational Marijuana

Don't let New Mexico's future go up in smoke!

New Mexico is a phenomenal state with great people but we have floundered for decades on how best to empower working families, improve the quality of life and provide a brighter future for our children.   
Unfortunately, some legislators and Governor Lujan Grisham think legalizing marijuana will provide a new source of tax revenue and will be good for our state.  They point to Colorado as a model of success.  What they should be focusing on are recent studies that show all the economic and social costs that have resulted in Colorado after cannabis was legalized.

NMBC encourages you to freely share this call to action with anyone who agrees that legalized recreational marijuana is not the right choice for New Mexico 

There are so many things that New Mexico is already struggling with (homelessness, mental illness, addictions, crime, etc.), the last thing we need is to legalize a drug that could make things worse.

Take 30 seconds and use the form provided to send an email to all state legislators asking them to VOTE NO on legalizing recreational marijuana.

    Want to do more to help improve our state?  Every dollar makes a difference and just $100 dollars will help get this message in front of over 10,000 New Mexicans.