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Call to Action – RTW is going to the committee

This bill brings the state in alignment with the US Supreme Court Decision in Janus that provided these rights for state and federal employees to private sector employees. It won’t fix every problem in our state, but it will open doors of opportunity we’ve never seen. Why? Because NM will not be considered by site selectors for most opportunities if we can’t check the Employee Free Choice ( or Right to Work – RTW) box. As the state partner for the National Association of Manufacturers, NMBC knows that most site selectors for new manufacturing facilities require the state be RTW before they will consider locating a new facility there. 

Take action to support HB 378 today and call the members of the House Labor, Veterans and Military Affairs committee, which is scheduled to vote on this bill on Tuesday, 2-12.

Eliseo Lee Alcon – (505) 986-4415
Patricia Roybal Caballero – (505) 986-4248
Karen Bash – (505) 986-4210
Rachel Black – (505) 986-4467
David Gallegos – (505) 986-4454
Miguel Garcia – (505) 986-4844
Tim Lewis – (505) 986-4221
Sheryl Williams Stapleton – (505) 986-4780
Linda Trujillo – (505) 986-4436