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Call to Action: Tell legislators ‘NO’ to recreational marijuana legalization

Senators will be hearing two legalization bills this Saturday at 10 AM! Take 30 seconds and tell them to vote NO on legal marijuana

New Mexico is a phenomenal state with great people, but we have floundered for decades on how best to empower working families, improve the quality of life and provide a brighter future for our children. 

In what seems to be an annual ritual, a few legislators and Governor Lujan Grisham believe that legalizing marijuana will provide a helpful new source of tax revenue and will be an improvement for our state. NMBC believes this is the wrong approach to improving our state and providing opportunities for our citizens. Legalization proponents point to Colorado as a model of success, but pay no attention to the rising societal problems and recent studies that show all the economic and social costs that resulted in Colorado after cannabis was legalized.

We encourage you to stand with NMBC is telling legislators ‘NO’ on recreational Marijuana.

As a state we are still recovering from the deleterious effects of Covid-19 and the lockdowns that shuttered our businesses and schools. Our crime and homeless problems are only growing, unemployment rates remain high, and our youth and jobs are leaving the state in droves. Legalizing recreational marijuana is the last thing our legislators should be focused on.

Send a note TODAY urging your legislator to oppose or STOP the legislative initiative to legalize recreational marijuana.