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Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Call To Action: Time to balance the power in Santa Fe

Tired of the Governor's Power Trip? Take ACTION to restore balance in Santa Fe!

HJR 6 Termination of Emergency Declarations will provide some much needed balance of powers between the executive and legislative branches. When the original legislation was created, allowing ’emergency powers’ to the Governor, the legislature could not have known that a pandemic of this magnitude would impact the world. The original legislation was necessary and well-intentioned but (as we have seen with un-ending lockdowns) we need to restore legislative oversight on extended use of the executive authority.

HJR 6 allows the public to make the decision about this important matter through a Constitutional Amendment. The cost of calling the legislature into special session is extremely low in comparison to the costs incurred by the extended health orders and would, therefore, be an excellent investment of state funds.

Take just one minute TODAY and send a note to NM Representatives encouraging them to say ‘YES’ and Support HJR 6 Termination of Emergency Declarations.

NMBC has reached out to every legislator hearing this bill to urge them to vote against mandates that will harm businesses and cost New Mexican jobs. You can read Carla’s letter to legislators below.