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Call To Action: Veto job killing bills

The Governor needs encouragement to VETO job killing legislation and SIGN a couple of bills that would be good for our state.

The Legislative Session was tough on businesses this year. NMBC worked hard with legislators and others to support good legislation and oppose those measures that will further destroy New Mexico’s economy. There are several bills on the Governor’s desk awaiting action and we ask that you join us in urging the Governor to veto any legislation that will harm New Mexico businesses and support a couple that would be good for our state:

HB 20 Healthy Workplaces Act, Reps ChandlerElyRoybal CaballeroRubio and Sen Stewart. Most stringent requirements in the U.S., this bill exempts government from mandated paid sick leave required of all New Mexico businesses.

SB 317 No Behavioral Health Cost SharingSens Hickey and Steinborn. Increases health insurance premium surtax 375% and distributes a portion of the revenue of the surtax to a new Health Care Affordability Fund, creating the Health Care Affordability Act. Harmful to all New Mexicans, but most especially lower income residents not served by Medicaid. 

HB 4 NM Civil Rights ActReps EgolfLouis and Sen Cervantes. This bill removes ‘qualified immunity’ as a defense and allows for attorney fees and multimillion settlements against local, county or state government entities for first responders, but exempts legislative and judiciary branches. It encourages litigation and will increase liability insurance premiums while being a deterrent for first responders to serve.

HB 76 Permit Denial for Poor ComplianceReps Chandler and Serato. This bill would substantially delay air permit applications and further increase costs. Also gives the Air Quality Bureau almost unlimited authority to punish applicants based on compliance history in other states – even for corrected and settled issues.

SB 304 Voting District Geographic DataSen McKenna. This bill provides for a citizen redistricting committee, led by a retired Supreme Court judge with balanced representation of various urban/rural areas of the state. The committee will hold public input meetings and compile three precinct, state and federal district plans based on population data that will be presented to the NM legislature no later than October 30, 2021.

SB 8 Local Government Air Quality RegulationsSen Wirth, Lopez, and Reps Small and Chandler. This bill gives broad and sweeping authority to the Environmental Improvement Board in promulgating regulations more stringent than federal rules. It has no limits on cost or effectiveness, creating significant regulatory uncertainty for businesses as well as out-of-state companies looking to invest future capital in New Mexico. 

In addition to vetoing these job killing bills, the Governor can assist in the recovery of NM businesses by signing the bills below that would stop tax pyramiding for businesses and ensure fair voting districts for all:

HB 278  Manufacturing Services Gross ReceiptsReps Harper and Martinez. This bill expands the manufacturing GRT deduction to include manufacturing services on tangible property owned by a manufacturer. It is a good investment in economic diversification.