Call to Action

HJR 6 Increase Minimum Wage Annually, (Rep Miguel Garcia), will be heard in House Voters and Elections on Thursday morning at 8 am. We urge attendance to oppose this measure. If you cannot attend, please take time to call or email House Voters and Elections Committee members.

HB 329 Recovery of Certain Unemployment Benefits, (Rep Cathryn Brown). This bill was not heard because several NM unions were buying dinner for some members of the House Labor and Human Resources Committee. (Nice to see the union taking care of those on a committee who do whatever the union asks, ignoring the interests of the majority in the state.) NOTE: None of the Republican members of the House Labor and Human Resources Committee attended this dinner.

This bill addresses fraudulent unemployment claims and allows the Dept. of Workforce Solutions to collect benefits that were fraudulently obtained. Stopping fraud was a priority of the NMBC when we served on the Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council looking for ways to keep the Unemployment Insurance (UI) fund solvent. We understand that the bill will be rolled over to Thursday, February 14, and urge you to call committee members and ask for their support of the bill.

Get Drunk – Go to Work – Get Hurt – Get Paid Workers Comp? YES to all, according to some members on the House Labor and Human Resources Committee. We thought you might be interested in their decision to ignore the need for personal responsibility and allow drug and alcohol use to have no consequences for Workers Compensation benefits.

Join the New Mexico Business Coalition. Our work is more meaningful with you by our side.