CO2 & Socialism

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Socialist Passes New Min Wage Law? The New Mexico Business Coalition believes that hard work should be rewarded with fair pay. Progressive elected officials, on the other hand, continually push for increased minimum wages they call a ‘living wage.’ By design, a progressive or Socialist backed living wage is meant to support a comfortable lifestyle for anyone, regardless of experience or job performance.

News of a Socialist City Councilor in Seattle that pushed the minimum wage up to $15 comes as no surprise. This councilor does not hide behind misleading titles like “progressive”, but openly calls himself a Socialist. Whether you call it a living wage or a minimum wage, forcing employers to pay inflated wages to unskilled workers violates the fundamental premise of free enterprise. The fact is, raising the minimum wage is not a solution to fix the economy, and socialism certainly isn’t the answer. Read more HERE.

Should New Mexicans Worry About a Progressive or Socialist Agenda? If you look back at recent headlines of the efforts to raise the minimum wage or establish a so-called living wage, it is obvious the progressive agenda is a threat to our state. It’s up to voters to get involved and the NMBC will continue to encourage New Mexican’s to choose probusiness, not progressive, elected officials.

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