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“Constitutional Crisis Emergency” Update

  • Post published:September 18, 2023
  • Post category:News

New Mexico has received lots of national attention recently and not for a good thing! Many news outlets have reported on the pushback that Governor Lujan Grisham has received from the public and even those in both political parties. Many have called the ban unconstitutional, citing the 2nd Amendment, along with the concern that other constitutional rights could also be affected in the future. Read the pushback that the governor is receiving HERE.

This issue has gone all the way to the Federal level, with the court stopping the executive order. Read that story HERE.

Locally, New Mexican leaders have responded this week, saying that they will not enforce this ban, including:

  • NM Attorney General, Raul Torres. Read his response HERE.
  • Bernalillo County Sherriff, John Allen. Read his statements HERE.
  • With Bernalillo County District Attorney, Sam Bregman, Albuquerque Mayor, Tim Keller, and Albuquerque Police Chief, Harold Medina saying that they would not enforce the ban, the day after the order was put into effect. Read the story HERE.

Other groups like the GOP Party of New Mexico, the Gun Owners of America (GOA), and the National Association for Gun Rights have all filed lawsuits against the governor, with some state lawmakers even looking to impeach the governor. Read that story HERE.

Lastly, the governor modified her executive order this past Friday to allow now only apply to open and concealed firearm carrying in “public parks and playgrounds,” instead of the original order which banned firearms in all public places. Read the news story HERE and the updated health order to include drug abuse HERE.