Cooperation & Bi-Partisan Work in SF?

Is Cooperation and Bi-Partisan Work in Santa Fe Possible? YES. Yesterday at a legislative session committee hearing for Senate Bill 9: ONE-STOP BUSINESS PORTAL ACT, the New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) witnessed the bill sponsor, Sen Mary Kay Papen (D) working across the aisle on SB9, a bill that will be POSITIVE for New Mexico’s business environment! With support from administration leaders and legislators from both parties on this bill, the NMBC is glad to see elected and appointed officials putting what is best for New Mexico ahead of political agendas.

Is Cooperation & Bi-Partisan Work in Santa Fe the Norm? NO. From what the NMBC is hearing in the halls of the roundhouse approval of the State Budget is going nowhere because of ‘differences’ between party leaders. If this gridlock is not resolved, there are already balloons floating of the need for a special session to address the budget.

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