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Could this SOS Be Stopped?

  • Post published:October 21, 2022
  • Post category:News
The Santa Barbara Martineztown Neighborhood Association (SBMTNA) is cautiously optimistic about a Safe Outdoor Space (SOS) being halted on it’s progress. This SOS has seemingly been planned for this neighborhood for sometime and with the recent city council vote, allowing SOS camps around the city, the time has come for this area to get their own. 
For months, the SBMTNA has been protesting against the ordinance with the president stating that “The city also knows the impact of homeless encampments next to neighborhoods, and to not involve us from the beginning is incredibly discouraging.” This new SOS isn’t the first time that this neighborhood has been in the middle of a city zoning ordinance, as they’ve also filed a complaint back in 2018 for similar “detrimental discrimination.” 
This SOS is planned to be in close proximity to the Menaul School, creating a more dangerous environment for the children and parents who attend that school. Recently, a City of Albuquerque land use hearing officer made a ruling that would effectively halt progress on this encampment. 
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