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Crime bills snubbed in Legislative Session

  • Post published:March 3, 2021
  • Post category:News

Violent crime on the rise in Albuquerque.  While crime rates appear to be slightly down overall, New Mexico’s largest city saw an increase in the rates of most violent crimes last year. Last year the city recorded a 4% annual increase in shootings and stabbings, according to recent data from the Albuquerque Journal. Last year the city recorded a nearly identical stat, making the 4% uptick a year over year increase. As these trends continue, they will, no doubt, impact other parts of the state. 

The crime epidemic facing Albuquerque has pushed some Legislators, like Representative Bill Rehm, to address the problems that many other Legislators seem to ignore in favor of their own pet projects. Rep. Rehm has listened to his constituents concerns and attacked the issue head on with a line up of over 20 bills focused on reducing crime. House Democrats, on the other hand, have either not scheduled the bills to be heard in committee (which effectively renders them inert from the start) or moved to table (kill) all but a few of these bills after short deliberation. NMBC is delighted to see some legislators like Rep. Rehm focusing on the growing issue of crime in New Mexico and addressing it with a smart legislation. Listed below are just a few of the bills sponsored by Rep Rehm that have faced difficulty in the session.

New Mexico is still one of the most dangerous place is the US. But unfortunately, many legislators are more focused on legalizing marijuana, specialty license plates, or updating government buildings instead of making New Mexico a tough place for criminals.