Defend Reasonable Energy Usage

  • Post published:September 30, 2015
  • Post category:Issues

The EPA will soon make a decision on new ozone regulations. If implemented, this standard could be the costliest regulation in our nation’s history. New Mexico is projected to lose $6 billion in GDP from 2017 to 2040 and the equivalent of more than 11,000 jobs per year as a result of the proposed stricter standard.

Our state has a long history of innovation, manufacturing and energy production, but policies from Washington, like the proposed ozone regulation, stand to threaten future job creation and growth.

According to a poll released by New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), 75 percent of New Mexicans rate their air quality as “excellent” or “good.” Other key findings from the poll include:

  • By a three-to-one margin, New Mexicans think that a bigger problem for their local area is “less economic growth and job opportunities caused by regulations” (69%) rather than “lower air quality caused by pollution” (22%).
  • When asked about the effects of implementing stricter federal air quality regulation on their local area, the majority of New Mexicans are concerned about the negative economic effects:
  • – More than three-quarters (78%) think that stricter federal air quality regulations on their local area would increase taxes.
    – Almost two-in-three (64%) think it would make it harder for local businesses to start new operations or grow existing ones.
    – More than three fourths (77%) think stricter regulations would increase the price they pay for everyday goods and services.

The poll of 600 registered voters was conducted by FTI Consulting and has a margin of error of +/- 3.1 percentage points. To read the results from the full poll, visit our website.

It has never been more important for New Mexicans to voice their opinion about issues that will impact every part of their lives. NMBC urges you to contact elected officials and let them know where you stand.

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