Doña Ana County Local Election Information

The Doña Ana County local election will be held on November 5th. For specifics on everything covered in the election, please view the Election Proclamation HERE.

The NMBC has information about select candidates running for Mayor of Las Cruces and names and information about the candidates of the various government entities that are up for election this cycle, including the Las Cruces Council, Las Cruces School Board, and Las Cruces Municipal Judge.

Keep in mind that for the first time ever Las Cruces is using ranked-choice voting, which allows voters to rank all candidates from favorite to least favorite. For more information about ranked-choice voting, click HERE.

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Las Cruces Mayor

Voters in Las Cruces have a clear choice in the Mayor’s race.  Three challengers (Bev Courtney, Jesita Dolores Lucero and Mike Tellez) are on record supporting pro-business policies that limit government growth and focus on private sector job growth.  On the other hand, the incumbent (Ken Miyagishima) has a proven record of supporting an anti-business, progressive agenda to include: increased property tax, increased gross receipts tax, increased mandated wages and is against physically securing the U.S. southern border (among other things.)

The Las Cruces economy and quality of life have declined under the current Mayor.  NMBC encourages voters to look for a change of direction that a pro-business Mayor would bring. 

  • Bev Courtney (Facebook page, campaign website):
    • Former Tea Party leader
    • President of the American Gun Culture Club
    • Supports New Mexico as a “right to work” state, investment in infrastructure, reduced regulation for business
    • Opposes increasing minimum wage, increasing education budget (believes in less budget for admin, more for teachers and classrooms), firearm regulation
  • Jesusita Dolores Lucero (Facebook page):
    • Previously ran for mayor in 2011
    • Chair of Dona Ana County Elections Advisory Council, previously the president of the New Mexico Municipal League
    • Supports addressing areas of concern in Las Cruces, such as crime and public safety as well as the business climate in the city
  • Mike Tellez (Facebook page, campaign website):
    • Founder of Dream Center, a faith-based community center in Las Cruces
    • Business owner with 40 years in the restaurant industry, not a career politician
    • Running for mayor because he believes the current administration to be too focused on political gains, not focused enough on creating jobs and alleviating poverty and crime
    • Supports measures to reduce the violent crime rate, reduced regulation for business, providing more treatment programs for drug abuse
  • Ken Miyagishima [incumbent] (campaign website):
    • Mayor of Las Cruces since 2007, district sales manager at Farmers Insurance
    • Supports community improvement, resident quality of life, and other humanitarian causes
    • Proposed the controversial 2018 general obligation bonds which temporarily raised property taxes by $105/year on average until the bonds are paid off in 10-15 years; the money from the bonds will be used to fund the construction of parks and recreational facilities, a new animal shelter, replacement fire station utilities, and new trails for outdoor recreation
    • Has supported increasing the gross receipts tax, like the 2014 increase from 7.56% to 7.94%
    • Supported increasing minimum wage in January 2019 from $9.20 to $10.10
  • Alexander Paige Baca Fresquez:
    • Supports city investment in parks and recreational facilities, measures to counteract climate change, providing assistance to immigrant peoples, creating opportunities for local business to thrive

Las Cruces Council

District 1

District 2

District 4

Las Cruces School Board

Click here to view a Las Cruces Sun article with details about many of the candidates running for the LCPS Board.

District 4

  • Jesus Joaquin Favela Jr.
  • Margaret A. Mendoza
  • Jeffrey R. Silva
  • Teresa Maxine Tenorio
  • Janie Marie Williams
  • William J. Zarges

District 5

  • Carol Lynn Cooper
  • Edward Frank (incumbent)
  • Gloria J. Martinez
  • Maria G. Pacheco

Las Cruces Municipal Judge