Elected Officials Report Card: A or F?

See the Report Card HERE.

The NMBC is focused on educating voters about issues that affect them including legislation, regulations and the performance of elected officials. To that end, Carla J. Sonntag, President, said, “The New Mexico Business Coalition developed an elected official grading system that is designed to evaluate performance in the area of economic development and job creation. The NMBC strongly encourages legislators to work in a nonpartisan manner, putting the good of the state ahead of political agendas.”

Critical areas of interest are protection of the State Land Grand Permanent Fund as well as any bill that will help or hinder business opportunities in New Mexico. Legislators will be graded on votes in committee as well as on the floor for any bill that falls within the parameters outlined. A summary Report Card with the results of their work during the 2014 Legislative Session will be shared with voters across the state. Sonntag added, “Legislators should carefully review legislation and make decisions that will enhance economic development. They should also protect the corpus of the State Land Grand Permanent Fund by decreasing or preserving the annual allotment percentage.”

The Job Creation Report Card will be hand delivered, along with a cover letter, to the Governor, Lt. Governor and all Legislators in their capitol offices.

The New Mexico Business Coalition is a nonpartisan, pro-business association representing all New Mexicans. We believe that businesses will not survive without a quality workforce and employees will have no employment without strong businesses. The NMBC looks for balanced, fair laws and regulations to attract and retain good companies in the state. This will naturally translate into job creation.

The NMBC provides voters encouragement and information to get involved in making our state better by holding elected officials accountable. The NMBC Job Creation Report Card will be a good tool for voters to make informed decisions in the upcoming primary and general elections.

Please contact the New Mexico Business Coalition at (505) 836-4223 or nmbiz@nmbizcoalition.org with any questions or comments.