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  • Post published:October 22, 2014
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2014 Capital Projects General Obligation Bond Act – STATEWIDE

It won’t raise your taxes if passed, but your taxes should be lowered if they fail. Bond Question B AGAINST – Library Acquisition. Voters should consider the tremendous decrease in library use due to the increased use of computers and the World Wide Web. We believe there will always be a need for libraries, but they are currently overbuilt in larger metro areas and it is time to consolidate some of these facilities. This would cut down on ongoing funding costs and allow better investment into a smaller number of facilities.

Bond Question C AGAINST – Higher Ed Facilities. New Mexico is significantly overbuilt with higher education facilities compared to other states that have many times New Mexico’s population. Some facilities are underused or unused, like the UNM campus in Rio Rancho, but still cost taxpayers a great deal of money in maintenance and utilities.

Bernalillo County General Obligation Bonds. VOTE: FOR or AGAINST If the bond questions do not pass, your taxes will go down.

Bond Question 1 AGAINST – Libraries. See comment above on statewide Bond Question B.

Bond Question 3 AGAINST – Parks and Recreation; Otter exhibit. Americans with Disabilities Act is the law and can be addressed with wise use of the current funds available; this is not the time to increase taxes for frivolous needs such as a new otter display at the zoo.

Mill Levy Question AGAINST – Absolutely opposed to yet another tax increase! This would be used to take control of more land.

Advisory Question 1 AGAINST – Decriminalization of marijuana. Would conflict with state law; other states are showing issues of having approved this measure.

Advisory Question 2 AGAINST – Gross Receipts tax increase. The NMBC opposes tax increases. This would be an increase on all purchases of goods and services.

WANT MORE DETAIL ON THESE ISSUES? For more information on other ballot issues, please see the full report HERE.

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