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Electric Cars are a Problem!

  • Post published:October 5, 2022
  • Post category:News

As frequently as newer technology is developed and released to the public, not all technologies work as well as it should. Take for instance electric cars: A new technology quickly becoming the norm all across our country, with states like California abolishing all cars on gasoline, starting in 2025! According to lawmakers in heavily polluted places and “fighting climate change” becoming a trending item that many legislators waste taxpayer money towards, electric cars seem to be “the answer.”

This “answer” still has many problems, like with any new items released in any market, but since they’re designed to help or save the environment, they are doing the opposite.

Electric cars have what are called lithium batteries, like other technologies, but whenever they catch on fire they emit highly toxic gasses and the fire can’t be put out by water, creating a huge problem. Additionally, recycling facilities who normally encourage giving batteries up, to help the environment, actually discourage electric car batteries from being recycled and won’t accept them. That begs the question: If the batteries emit toxic gasses, catch on fire easily, and cannot be recycled, then what’s the point of having an electric car? 

At a charging station in another country, an electric car with a shorted cell battery catches on fire and is destroyed in under a minute. On top of that, because of how close the cars are to one another, the other two vehicles also catch on fire. Want to see how bad the damage is? Watch that video HERE-the end results are shocking!