Emergency Call to Action

PNM’s has properly presented a proposal that is currently before the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (PRC), and is related to a federal rule aimed to improve visibility in federal wilderness areas and parks by 2064. A proposed federal plan for compliance with that visibility provision of the Clean Air Act would have required installation of technology on all four units of San Juan Generating Station at a cost of one billion dollars.

In mid-2012, PNM, the New Mexico Environment Department and the EPA began looking at alternatives to this plan. The result was an agreement announced in February 2013 that would lead to the closure of two of the four units by the end of 2017. PNM owns San Juan Generating Station along with eight other utilities.

PNM is required to get approval to retire the two units since they are still functioning units. Because it is also necessary to replace this power production, PNM filed a replacement plan with the PRC in late December.

Unfortunately, New Energy Economy (NEE), a special interest group, has asked the Santa Fe City council to approve its “plan,” which no one has seen, and reject PNM’s plan filed with the PRC. The City of Santa Fe, like all interested parties, should have a voice in the process, but it should do so in the proper venue which is the PRC.

Please attend the council meeting on Wednesday, 3/12/14, 7 pm, and express your opinion about NEE improperly interfering with the process of review for critical utility decisions. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please email your thoughts to the Councilors, letting them know that that the proper venue for Santa Fe and Santa Fe citizens to be heard is in the PRC process, and not to allow special interest groups to use the council for its own political purposes.

Contact the New Mexico Business Coalition with any questions or comments by email or by calling (505) 836-4223.