Focus on Crime, Not More Mandates on Small Businesses

Tell Bernalillo County Commissioners to focus on reducing crime. 

Violent and property crime is out of control; good people (businesses and jobs) are moving to other states because of our high crime rate.  Yet, so much time and energy has gone into passing plastic bag bans and complicated paid leave rules that drive jobs and businesses away.

After previous leave ordinances failed to pass in Albuquerque, the Bernalillo County Commission is getting ready to take action on yet another mandated Paid Time Off Ordinance – AGAINST what the voters have said. 

Let your elected officials know that employment policies, including paid time off, should be negotiated between the employer and employee and government attempts to micromanage this process lead to serious problems.

There are more important things for them to be working on, reducing crime being at the top of the list.

This is the time to act – fill in your info and send a message to Bernalillo County Commissioners now! 

It’s time to stop passing government mandates that hurt businesses and kill job opportunities!

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Subject Line:  Focus on reducing crime, not more mandates on businesses.
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