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Gas appliances outlawed…rumor or reality?

  • Post published:May 10, 2023
  • Post category:News

Gas appliances outlawed; rumor or reality? The reality is — New York just passed a measure that would ban natural gas appliances in new buildings. If the law is signed by the governor as expected, starting in 2026, buildings that are 7-stories or less will not be allowed to install new gas appliances. 

Who we elect matters and New Mexicans should understand that this issue is real, not a rumor. Maryland and Colorado, along with more than 80 local governments have either approved or scheduled measures that will require new construction to be all-electric. 
Bringing the issue closer to home, a bill was introduced in the 2023 NM legislative session by progressive lawmakers that would severely limit the use of gas appliances. Fortunately, thanks to opposition by NMBC and others, the bill was killed in committee. But who we elect as lawmakers matters because this issue will likely come up again. Read more HERE.