Good News for IRB Econ Development

  • Post published:February 17, 2015
  • Post category:Issues

Good News: SB 319 was amended to provide a finite time certain for due process of protest hearings. This allows counties to move more quickly through the IRB award process while providing a hearing, should there be an unresolved protest. The NMBC is happy that the amended bill PASSED with broad bipartisan support! We would like to thank Senator Leavell for his work on this economic development bill along with the following Judiciary Committee Members who supported SB 319:

Senator Richard C. Martinez Senator Joseph Cervantes Senator Ron Griggs Senator Linda M. Lopez Senator Cisco McSorley Senator John C. Ryan Senator Lisa A. Torraco Senator William H. Payne

The next stop for SB 319 is the Senate Finance Committee. The NMBC will be there to support this bill as it progresses. If you’d like to send a note of support to encourage positive action on this bill, contact information for the Senate Finance Committee is HERE

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