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Governor tightens lockdown restrictions and adds clarity

  • Post published:November 19, 2020
  • Post category:News

As New Mexico battens down the hatches for the current lockdown that’s killing businesses and jobs across the state, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is adding more stipulations to the list of winners and losers. According to clarification from the Governor’s office announced on Wednesday evening, the new rules include stipulations for the big box stores that have been largely able to skirt previous closure restrictions. Under the new rules, only large retailers and that generate more than one-third of their revenue through the sale of food and beverages are allowed to remain open to in-person customers, among other changes. This means that stores like Hobby Lobby, Ross brand clothiers and similar businesses must now also fall in line with the closures for other businesses in the state. Previously businesses like these had been allowed to operate under the current lockdown rules as long as they met the restrictions for occupancy limits, even though they are far from being considered “Essential Businesses” like grocery and hardware stores by the state.

 The announcement from the Governor’s office also included clarification about “nonessential” businesses ability to operate with curbside delivery. Also announced on Wednesday evening were less ambiguous details on what is considered “nonessential”. Business like dog grooming were ordered to close while operations like plant nurseries and Christmas tree sales would be allowed to operate by curbside pick up. NMBC believes that all business are essential since they are the life line for workers and owners as the federal government sits on it’s hands and nearly all financial assistance for those forced to stay home dries up. Choosing who is essential and who is not ends up picking winners and losers as the state struggles to live with the virus. NM Needs a coherent plan to keep people working and stop the bleeding that will kill our business and jobs. Read more HERE.