Govt. Efficiency or Broken Promises?

Get Involved: We provide New Mexicans with information and encouragement for participation in the legislative, regulatory and electoral processes. The NMBC specializes in delivering concise information on important local, statewide or national business issues and candidates. A great example is the recent Op-Ed by NMBC President, Carla Sonntag, printed in the Albuquerque Journal.

80% Success: Since we began operations in 2009, the NMBC has been successful in 80% of the races in which we provided voter education. That high success rate is because of the NMBC messaging strategy which focuses on nonpartisan issues and doing what’s best for all New Mexicans. Our popular series called ‘Setting the Record Straight,’ takes on the misinformation and lies that some candidates put out and gives voters what they want – verifiable facts and THE TRUTH.

Government Efficiency or More Broken Promises? Contrary to the broken promise of, “Yes We Can,” the NMBC says, “YES WE DID.” One of the NMBC’S legislative focuses was on revamping the NM Public Regulation Commission (PRC). A positive result of this effort occurred on July 1, 2013 when the Corporations Bureau was moved from the PRC to the NM Secretary of State’s (SOS) Office. According to the Albuquerque Journal story “Red tape slashed at Corporations Bureau,” under the leadership of SOS Dianna Duran, the Corporations Bureau is now being managed with a $1.1 million annual budget, compared to the $3.8 million it was costing taxpayers before. The move reduced business registration time from 110 days to an average of three days!

2014 Legislative Session Heroes and Zeroes: The 2014 short session (30 days) will begin in a couple of weeks and there are already 99 bills, 12 memorials, and 10 resolutions pre-filed. The NMBC will be at the Capitol every day watching legislation and legislative decisions. New Mexicans can count on the NMBC to identify elected officials supporting legislation that will be good for our business environment (HEROES) and bills that will hurt our economy and kill jobs (ZEROS).

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