Group Raises $1 Million for NM Legislative Races

  • Post published:October 15, 2014
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In case you are wondering, labor unions do not support pro-business candidates.

Are we going to let them win? There is important information ready to go out the door in support of pro-business candidates, but the New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) needs money to make a difference! The NMBC is not supported by the Koch brothers. We are a grassroots organization. We need your contribution to change the outcome of this election. Now is the time.

You are getting this message because you are on the New Mexico Business Coalition email list. You are either a supporter or interested party and you know NMBC does not ask you for financial support very often. Well, they need your help NOW to effect the November election. You may think it’s too late but it’s not.

NMBC has an incredible track record for making a difference. They have provided voter education in 88 races with over 80 percent success. NMBC is nonpartisan and enjoys a solid relationship with legislators across party lines. NMBC has influence in Santa Fe because they are taking hard stands for business.

They have figured out the solution to New Mexico’s economic malaise. New Mexico must elect pro-business candidates who will make this a business-friendly state where companies can grow, prosper, and create jobs.

With your help, the NMBC can continue this stellar record.

For less than the cost of a haircut, you can help change the way business is done in New Mexico.

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We are running out of time to raise the necessary funds to send flyers and put ads in papers throughout the state. Voters need to be educated about statewide and state representative races.

NMBC’s sole purpose is to support businesses in New Mexico. Their mission is to promote and foster a pro-business environment in which small businesses can flourish, provide jobs and help build the economy in New Mexico.

That’s exactly what the NMBC does! They provide facts and education to New Mexico voters so they can choose the candidates who will make New Mexico business-friendly.

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The NMBC is serving your interests. They have had a seat at the table to review state business policies and practices, workers compensation issues, and unemployment practices to name a few. They are also working on comprehensive tax reform. In my industry we have a saying “If you’re not at the table, you are probably on the menu.” In many cases, the NMBC is the only voice of reason against the progressive groups seeking more government control.

Don’t take my word for it…

Gary Hays Cliff’s Amusement Park

“Living in a period of history when governments have expanded in excessive control and political corruption is rampant has caused us to engage an organization devoted to unbiased analysis of political platforms and those who promote those platforms. The New Mexico Business Coalition is that organization.

The NMBC has devoted itself to unbiased promotion of pro-business friendly political candidates without being tied to them financially. Any business owner of any political persuasion needs to give the NMBC a serious look. A successful New Mexico business climate promotes a healthy New Mexico climate.”

You have the opportunity to change the state and our economy by supporting the NMBC. You can donate $10, $50, $100 or more to make that happen.

Every bit counts.

Big out-of-state political machines do not support NMBC. People like you and me support them, New Mexicans who genuinely believe that business is a force for good in New Mexico.

We have an obligation to support those who work day in and day out for our prosperity.

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Help us get the facts to voters by donating now! At your service, Carol Wight CEO New Mexico Restaurant Association

P.S. I know you are being inundated with campaign contribution solicitations. This is not a campaign contribution this is an investment in your business, and a good one! I would not ask if I didn’t think this was so important, not just for you in your business but also for all businesses in New Mexico.

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