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Hands off of New Mexico’s permanent fund

  • Post published:April 10, 2018
  • Post category:Issues

New Mexico does not effectively spend the large amount of funds given to education now. Just read the Journal article in December on how funds for Head Start and other programs for early childhood education are turning money back to the U.S. government and how two programs are competing for students. This lack of coordination between the state and feds is affecting early childhood education, not a lack of funds. Solve those problems and efficiently spend the money currently available before trying to throw more money at this. Outside of vague items, there is no plan on how the funds would be used and it looks like a solution looking for a problem. Of course, just throwing money at a problem with no plan is the normal solution for the liberal elements of our society. It is also interesting how “racism” is the current buzzword to use when the more sensible disagree with the activists. It is so convenient to slur the opposition instead of working together to conceive of a plan that might work.

I am so terribly disappointed with the position taken by the representative of the N.M. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Instead of protesting and calling names, Allen Sanchez should be looking at how funding is currently being used and working on a plan to improve. Our low rankings in every education category are not due to lack of funds. Emulate some of the districts that are successful. While the Legislature showed sense in defeating this bill, it failed us in other ways, as noted in the Journal’s editorial in the Feb. 21 edition.