HB 12 Cannabis Regulation

HB 12 Cannabis Regulation Act by Rep Martínez, Romero, and Armstrong.  Of the 5 Cannabis bills introduced, this one is the darling getting more traction, but not the support its sponsors expected. NMBC’s research paper was sent to all Representatives and Senators and we know it has been read by many. We’ve heard parts quoted and questions raised over the well documented facts.

Perhaps those who voted against the bill have taken a hard look at what’s happening in states that have already legalized recreational cannabis. Maybe they don’t want to leave a legacy of increasing homelessness in a state that has the fastest growing homeless population in the U.S. Or maybe they’ve grown concerned about the lack of proper testing, increased traffic deaths, emergency room visits, hospitalizations, black market, use by children and increased job related injuries by users of cannabis, even if not high at work.

This bill has passed two House and one Senate committee on a straight party-line vote with Republicans voting against it. On the House floor, there were 6 Democrats (Reps Allison, Harry Garcia, Johnson, Lente, Lundstrom and Sweetser, joining Anderson (DTS) and all Republicans in voting against it.

The bill received 17 pages of amendments in Senate Tax, Business and Transportation Committee and is not in Senate Judiciary.

There is still hope that legislators will consider the well-being of New Mexicans and table this bill.

HB 17 Cannabis Regulation Act by Rep Lujan and Montoya (Tabled)

SB 13 Cannabis Regulation Act by Senator Ivey-Soto (No action)

SB 288 Cannabis Regulation Act by Senator Pirtle (Unanimous approval in first Senate committee; still in Senate Judiciary)

SB 363 Cannabis Regulation Act by Senator Candelaria (No action)