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HB 129 Biennial Budget Pilot Program

  • Post published:January 31, 2018
  • Post category:Issues

There are several possible advantages of biennial budgeting:

  • 1. The Legislature and Executive would devote more time to consideration of major policy issues confronting the state by reducing time devoted to crunching numbers and holding hearings on small agency annual budgets.
  • 2. Reduction of time devoted to number crunching would free up resources for oversight of all agencies by the LFC and DFA.
  • 3. Biennial budgeting may reduce government spending by reducing the need to process volumes of paper for annual budget requests and the need for overtime, per diem, supplies and other costs related to annual budget preparation.
  • 4. Biennial budgets would increase predictability for state agencies by providing long-term commitments to programs and policies.