HB 20 Healthy Workplaces Act

HB 20 Healthy Workplaces Act by Reps Chandler, Rubio, Ely, Roybal Caballero, and Senator Stewart. This bill is the most burdensome in the U.S. and while there is no consideration for small employers, state government agencies are exempt. 

The bill requires paid sick leave be provided by all employers accumulating at a rate of 1 hour for every 30 hours worked and is prorated for part-time employees. In addition, the bill requires up to 80 hours of paid leave during a pandemic.

It passed two committees in both the House and Senate on a straight party-line vote with Republicans voting against. The full House vote however had 9 Democrats joining Republicans against the bill providing narrow passage by 36 to 33.

If it is such a good idea to force this on business, why is there an exemption for state agencies?

Voice your opinion to the Governor and ask her to VETO this bad bill!