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Heroes and Zeroes #1

  • Post published:February 8, 2023
  • Post category:News
In the past, many people loved our Heroes and Zeros legislative analysis because it really is a good way to describe some of what’s being considered in Santa Fe. Our title for good and bad bills is aimed at the policy and content of the legislation, not the people who sponsored the bills.
Here a few Hero bills that would be good for the state:
  • HB110: Voter ID Requirement
  • HB80/HJR3: Limiting Emergency Orders w/o Legislative Approval
  • HB98/HB203: Reinstate Qualified Immunity for Police Officers
  • HJR9: Denial of Bail for Violent Offenders
  • SB38: Reducing Gross Receipts Tax, Eliminating/Reducing Others
  • SB174: Pretrial Release Standards for Violent Offenders
  • SB10: Additional 2021 Income Tax Rebates
Now some bills that would have been bad for New Mexicans, but fortunately there were Heroic votes by those listed below so they’ve been killed:
Here are a few bills that would add zero value to our state:
  • SB11: Paid Family Medical Leave Act
  • SB180: Election Law Changes
  • SB77: Home Build Requirements
  • SB165: Increase Electric Rates
  • HB4: Voting Registration and Election Law Changes
  • HB25/HB28: Increase Min Wage
  • HB68: Requiring Side-rails on Trucks & Trailers
  • HB119: Raise Top Personal Tax Rate
  • HB120: Limiting Capital Gains Deduction
  • HB215: Unemployment Benefits to those not currently eligible
  • HJR4: Environmental Rights Constitutional Amendment
You can see some of our written comments on key bills HERE.