Heroes and Zeroes

New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) HEROES: There are a lot of heroic actions being undertaken during this 30 day session. Here are a few NMBC HEROES:

NMBC HERO Rep Sandra Jeff is known for her steadfast loyalty to New Mexicans, not to special interest groups or any political agenda. Rep Jeff recently took a stand, AGAIN, for doing what is right. Now she is taking the heat from progressive political leaders and activist groups. Rep Jeff is not backing down and the NMBC applauds her response to threats against her, “When did it stop being okay to do what we think is right?” Read more here.

NMBC HERO Rep Jason Harper is sponsoring HB132 LOCAL GOVERNMENT HOLD HARMLESS GROSS RECEIPTS. HB132 is the only viable bill this session to try and fix problems with GRT legislation passed during the last session. While everyone agrees the NM Tax Code needs to be completely revised, HB132 is aimed to correct technical problems in last session’s GRT Hold Harmless legislation. The problem is some municipalities and counties want to be ‘opted out’ of HB132. Rep Harper is working hard to get this bill passed without any exceptions for cities or counties that will allow for double taxation. HB132 is being considered by the House Appropriations & Finance Committee (HAFC) today. The NMBC encourages you to contact members of the HAFC HERE and ask them to PASS HB132 without allowing some municipalities or counties to opt out.

NMBC HERO Rep Paul Pacheco is sponsoring HB211 LINE OF DUTY INJURY ACT, a bill that will correct financial hardships incurred by public safety officers injured in the line of duty. With support from Bernalillo County Sheriff Dan Houston and many others from the law enforcement community this bill has passed the House and has a great chance of becoming law.

NMBC HERO Rep Bob Wooley is sponsoring HB24 COMMERCIAL OR MILITARY CARRIER GROSS RECEIPTS . This is a good example of pro-business legislation that could bring economic development and jobs from the commercial and military aircraft industry to NM.

NMBC ZEROS: The continued bullying and threats from political leaders and progressive activist groups towards elected officials who vote for what is right is a huge ZERO. Likewise, there are over 30 Constitutional Amendments that have been proposed that will do ZERO good for New Mexico. The NMBC encourages our legislators to work together on legislation to improve our economy and job outlook. Using Constitutional Amendments for issues that should follow the normal legislative process is not doing the job our Senators and Representatives were elected to do.

It’s Time for a BASH (Business and Social Hour): Join us on March 6, 2014, from 4:30 to 6:30 pm at the Albuquerque Country Club to hear keynote speaker Lt. Gov John Sanchez. RSVP now for early bird ticket pricing.

Thank you to our BASH Sponsor: NM American Fire and Sprinkler Association (Sponsorship opportunities are available! Click HERE for more info!)