There IS some Heroic work being done at the Capital on legislation that would be good for all New Mexicans. HB 45, TRANSFER INSURANCE REGULATION FROM PRC, sponsored by Rep Tom Taylor and Rep Carroll Leavell and HB 47, PRC QUALIFICATIONS, sponsored by Rep Tom Taylor are good examples. These bills follow the constitutional amendment voters agreed to last year calling for improvements at the Public Regulation Commission. Both bills made it out of committee and passed the House. But there has been ZERO movement since they left the House. HB 45 and HB 47 are being held in the Senate Rules Committee.

Threats and Intimidation at the Capital – a HUGE ZERO for NM: Remember the New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) video about corruption in NM? It included footage about threats and intimidation directed towards Rep Sandra Jeff when she voted for her constituents rather than for the party agenda? Well, it is still happening with Rep Mary Helen Garcia feeling the wrath of Democratic party leaders because of a committee vote. She chose to vote for her constituents, which was against her Democratic Party platform. The NMBC applauds Rep Mary Helen Garcia for taking a stand against party politics and doing what is right for all New Mexicans.

A HERO Speaks Out Against Threats By Party Leaders: Jason Sandel, a Farmington City Councilor called out the ugliness (mentioned above) in a letter printed by the Albuquerque Journal, “I was utterly dismayed to learn that the Democratic Party leadership in New Mexico…would work against its own elected officials…Regardless of if I agree with Garcia or not, I praise her for representing her constituency in the face of threats and nastiness from the far left.” And, rightfully taking this issue from a personal level to the impact it has on all New Mexicans, Councilor Sandel said, “The thought of a political party dictating to me, as an elected official, my position or questioning my vote, without fully understanding the constituents I represent, is bad for New Mexico.”

The NMBC couldn’t agree more! We applaud Councilor Sandel for putting all party leaders on notice that the job of an elected official is to represent the people who elected them. Threats and intimidation because an elected official is working for their constituents IS BAD FOR NEW MEXICO! Read the entire Jason Sandel letter HERE.

You can count on the NMBC to keep voters informed. Join the New Mexico Business Coalition. Our work is more meaningful with you by our side.