HEROES, Heat, and Rising Water Rates

2012 HERO Update: We hear all the time about scandals, corruption and the bad rankings for New Mexico. The NMBC, however, likes to recognize that there is much for which we can be thankful, including some great people like Senator John Arthur Smith and others who are dedicated to protecting the state’s best interests as well as striving to make it better. Senator Smith was honored in 2012 as a New Mexico Business Coalition Hero based on his dedication to New Mexicans and his unbending desire to do what’s right – not what’s popular. He is fair and impartial when it comes to party politics and stays focused on working for the benefit of all. He continues to shine in all the areas that made him an NMBC Hero.

Thanks to Senator Smith, New Mexico has held the reins on special interest spending while increasing funding for early childhood programs and K-12 education. He was a lead advocate for the tax reform passed during the 2013 legislative session. That bill contained elements that Smith has worked on for several years and finally found success in passing. The NMBC anticipates that parts of the tax reform package will spur economic growth in our state and we applaud Senator Smith for his role in getting it done.

Senator Smith provided an outstanding keynote address for the Las Cruces BASH. He talked candidly about tax reform, education and the state’s permanent fund. About the fund, he said, “It’s called the permanent fund for a reason. It is meant to provide for the future of this state when our natural resources are gone.”

The permanent fund has been raided for 10 years in the name of education and yet we have not seen the improvement our children need. In fact, New Mexico’s ratings have declined. We should be thankful to Senator Smith for holding strong against other “feel good” raids on this fund. We need solid change and solid legislators to take the lead in improving our educational system and our state. More money – especially if it comes from raiding the permanent fund – is not the answer.

Thank you, Senator Smith, for your dedicated service to all New Mexicans and not to special interests.

We encourage New Mexicans to show their appreciation to elected officials like Senator Smith. Our job now is to find others like him who will serve with him and carry out the same dedicated services of one who puts this state before their own personal agenda.

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Down the Drain: Albuquerque and Bernalillo County Water and Sewer rates are increasing starting this month. The increase became effective on July 1, and will be reflected on customers’ August bills. This is the first of several planned increases. While some argue that these rate increases are a necessity, the New Mexico Business Coalition is concerned that this increase was passed by a committee just 11 days before it took effect with little public involvement.

This method of increasing utility rates is an example of why we encourage New Mexicans, wherever you live, to get involved in public policy and get educated about the people making these decisions. You can count on the NMBC to bring you the facts. Read more here.

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