Invest a Buck to Stop a Tax Increase?

  • Post published:February 19, 2015
  • Post category:Issues

BERNCO Tax Increase Update: In a shining example of the NMBC helping to engage the public in the process of our government, the Bernalillo County Commissioners decided to hold off on moving forward with the proposed GRT tax increase. See more here. THANKS to those who made their voice heard by contacting Commissioners through emails, calls, and in person testimony at the Commission meeting. The Bernalillo County Commission listened and put off the decision on a tax increase – for now! But the issue is not over…

Before they come to any decision, the BERNCO Commission and the public should have time to review a thorough budget analysis regarding any tax increase. There also needs to be a detailed plan (with accountability measures built in) for the use of a tax increase intended to fund mental health programs. Beyond that, Bernalillo County needs to wait and see what the state legislature does in the current session to address mental health issues and look at what the City of Albuquerque is working on in this same area. Taxpayers don’t want or need three separately funded mental health programs. The NMBC is monitoring the Commission’s next move and will keep YOU, the voter, informed as soon as more information is available.

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