2016 Session – Unleash NM to Succeed

  • Post published:January 18, 2016
  • Post category:Issues

Objectives for 2016 Legislative Session that NMBC believes will benefit NM: The NMBC presented its 2016 positions to all legislators earlier this month. We will keep you informed as the session unfolds relating to the following issues:

1) Public Safety: Safety breeds prosperity! Until New Mexico is deemed safer, we cannot attract new companies or maintain those that we have. New Mexicans deserve to feel safe in their communities. READ MORE HERE

2) Employee Free Choice: Forced Dues = Forced Work! All workers should be given free choice regarding union membership and dues. READ MORE HERE

3) Wages: Forced wages = fewer jobs! Government mandated wages increase hardship on businesses and employees resulting in forced inflation, reduced hours for workers and fewer jobs for New Mexicans. READ MORE HERE

4) Economic incentives for manufacturing and other new businesses, such as LEDA and JTIP funding: Invest in job creation that benefits New Mexico! Incentives for manufacturing and other businesses are needed to entice new companies to our state, but should be done only when it does not harm or create unfair competition against existing New Mexico businesses. READ MORE HERE

5) Permanent Fund: Permanent Fund depletion is New Mexico’s war against children! The Land Grant Permanent Fund (LGPF) is New Mexico’s education endowment fund. READ MORE HERE

6) Environmental law: Bio-balance where people matter, too! It is critical to have responsible laws that do not excessively limit any industry from producing valuable resources and jobs while assuring the protection of our lands, water, and air. READ MORE HERE

7) New Mexico Tax Code: Smart taxes mean more state revenue! The tax code should be thoroughly rewritten based on the impact of business growth and expansion of private sector jobs without harming individuals and retirees. READ MORE HERE

8) Economic Discriminatory law: Discriminatory economic policies hurt everyone! Legislation which creates, expands or continues socialized utility rates or other fees based on income/economic status hurts everyone. READ MORE HERE

9) Local Control: Bring the power back to New Mexico! New Mexico should support a Convention of States to reduce and define the amount of control the federal government has. READ MORE HERE

For more information about the Legislative Initiatives, READ MORE HERE” target= “blank”>please visit our website here.

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