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Job Interviews in Farmington: $124,000 + Benefits

  • Post published:July 18, 2016
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Do you know who you’re voting for in November to be a State Appeals Court Judge? The NM Court of Appeals Candidates have agreed to be interviewed at the NMBC Farmington BASH on July 26 so you can get educated to make your decision! Incumbent Judge Stephen French and his challenger Julie Vargas have confirmed their job interviews. The Court of Appeals is the intermediate appellate court in the state of New Mexico. It sits between district courts and certain administrative agencies, which are below it, and the New Mexico Supreme Court, which is above it. Its jurisdiction covers the entire state. The Court of Appeals currently reviews appeals in all cases, except criminal cases involving sentences of death or life imprisonment, appeals from the Public Regulation Commission, and cases involving habeas corpus. The Court’s caseload is about 900 cases per year. Get Farmington BASH tickets HERE.

A Great Line Up of Candidates will be interviewed at the Farmington BASH on July 26. The following candidates have confirmed their Job Interviews: Secretary of State: Nora Espinoza; NM Supreme Court: Judith K. Nakamura* and Michael E. Vigil; NM Court of Appeals: Stephen G. French* and Julie J. Vargas; House District 4: Sharon Clahchischilliage* and Glojean Todacheene. *Incumbant.

Here is how NMBC Candidate Job Interviews Work: Candidates for office will be interviewed on behalf of the “The Boss” (the New Mexican voter) at the NMBC BASH. Candidates will not know what the questions are in advance, will be limited in time on their responses, can only talk about themselves and must answer the question that was asked. No debate, no one talking over anyone – only one candidate will be in the room at a time. This format means New Mexico voters will be able to hear where these candidates stand on several issues in just a few short minutes!

The Farmington BASH has limited seating, RSVP TODAY!

Thanks to our BASH Host, Merrion Oil and Gas, and these great sponsors: Allen & Gayla McCulloch, ConocoPhillips, Bayless Drilling Co., Bill & Jean Hagler, and Dugan Enterprises.

. Sponsorship opportunities still available for the above BASH event – contact the NMBC at or (505) 836-4223 for more information.