Jobs for NM or Government Dependence?

JOB INTERVIEWS: The Santa Fe BASH on Thursday will feature Job Interviews for top elected positions around the state. The candidates do not know what questions they will be asked and will be limited in time on their responses. New Mexico voters will be able to hear where these candidates stand on several critical issues in just a few short minutes! The NMBC is accepting questions on any position for which interviews will be conducted. Submit via email at or call the NMBC at (505) 836-4223.

Job applicants who have confirmed their attendance include:

Secretary of State: Dianna J. Duran and Maggie Toulouse Oliver; NM State Auditor: Robert Aragon and Tim Keller; State Land Commissioner: Ray Powell and Aubrey Dunn.

The BASH is FREE, but we do need a headcount so please RSVP TODAY!

New Mexicans Need JOBS – Not Government Dependence: Recently released figures show that 155,000 New Mexico residents have joined the state’s Medicaid rolls, pushing total enrollment to more than 630,000 or roughly a third of the state’s population.

Golden Parachutes are NOT a Good Use of Taxpayer Money: State Representative Bill Rehm has tried to pass legislation that would save taxpayers from over-the-top buyouts of public officials’ contracts when they leave their positions. Some legislators have stopped this type of ‘common sense’ law. The recent $350,000 buyout of APS Superintendent Winston Brook’s contract illustrates the need for change.

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