Las Cruces’ future depends on Tuesday’s vote

  • Post published:October 29, 2015
  • Post category:Issues

In a 2013 special election, voters firmly voted against raising the GRT. So ‘the community participation in this decision’ sent a clear message of ‘No GRT tax increase!’ But Miyagishima voted to increase the tax months later, ignoring what Las Cruceans wanted. This complete disregard to voters’ requests is just one example of a lack of commitment for full community participation.

Voters need elected officials who will hear their position on issues and vote accordingly. Mayoral candidate Miguel Silva, for example, was the only person voting on the GRT tax issue that actually listened to his constituents and voted against the increase.

Other than Miyagishima’s claim that he has an open ear to voter’s concerns and needs, his rosy description of his administration’s work on improving Las Cruces’ economy needs further scrutiny.

Jim Harbison addressed the true state of the Las Cruces economy and job market in an op-ed last week, ”In spite of the proclamations made by Mayor Miyagishima, the facts reflect a different reality. According to the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions, Las Cruces lost 1,300 nonfarm jobs this year. Of that total 1,200 lost jobs were in the private sector. While the State of New Mexico has experienced positive job growth Las Cruces had not. The reality is that our local government policies are not improving our job opportunities but are in fact causing their loss.” Read the entire Las Cruces Sun News op-ed by Jim Harbison HERE.

Voters can learn more about all Las Cruces candidates here.

Election Day in Las Cruces is TOMORROW, TUESDAY, NOV. 4. Voting locations can be found here.

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