LC and ABQ: Time to Vote

Las Cruces voters should recognize that a progressive (tax and spend) City Council is not what the community needs. The only way to change that is to replace some of those in office. What are the options? The NMBC believes elected officials who are pro-business and support free enterprise are the key to a healthy economy. Three candidates fit that description: District 3: Bev Courtney;City, District 5: David Roewe; and District 6: Cecelia H. Levatino.

If you are a registered voter in Las Cruces and have not voted in this election, the chance to cast your vote is today, November 5th.

Albuquerque Voters: TIME TO VOTE EARLY. The city council District 7 run-off election and the ‘Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Ordinance’ vote is underway in Albuquerque.

Where do Albuquerque City Council Candidates Stand? Both candidates in the Albuquerque City Council run-off election say they are pro-business, for open government and letting voters determine what is best for their community. However, current City Councilor Janice Arnold-Jones is the only candidate that backs those claims:

JOBS: Councilor Janice Arnold-Jones: “Create an environment of competition; improve city processes and remove barriers to start ups and expansions. “ Fact check: Albuquerque Journal, 10-1-13.

Open Government: Councilor Janice Arnold-Jones was awarded the NM Foundation for Open Government, William S. Dixon, First Amendment Freedom Award for her bold leadership as a State Representative. Janice Arnold-Jones had the guts to take a stand against the status quo leadership and start web-casting legislative committee meetings in 2010. Read more HERE.

NMBC encourages voters to reject progressive candidates and elected officials who believe ‘tax and spend’ is the answer. Early voting is open now; voting locations HERE.