Legislative Heroes & Zeroes Update

  • Post published:March 9, 2015
  • Post category:Issues

In the case of several bills still alive that would take more money out of our state permanent funds, the NMBC is working against these bills that provide Zero accountability for the millions of dollars that have already been spent in the name of ‘early childhood education’ and will hurt the long term health of these funds.

On the other hand, the NMBC is working to support Heroic bills like HB 236, Increase Severance Tax Permanent Fund Inflows, sponsored by Rep Jason Harper and Senator Carlos Cisneros. This bill would provide some much needed relief to the state’s Severance Tax Permanent Fund by addressing the allocation percentages of money invested into the fund versus the amount of severance taxes spent each year.

Employee Free Choice Update: Several bills were on tap in the Senate Public Affairs Committee yesterday (yes on Sunday the process of making laws does go on). The NMBC was there to stand up and testify in support of Employee Free Choice or Right to Work laws. The unions’ opposition produced busloads of people filling the hearing room several hours before the scheduled hearing. Union representatives warned committee members to vote wisely and consider the upcoming 2016 elections. With over 60% of New Mexicans in support of right to work legislation, the NMBC wants legislators to remember they are accountable to all New Mexicans, not just the unions.

Have You Ever Wanted to Tell Legislators What you Think? You can be involved in the law making process: HB 482, a bill to help our Unemployment Trust Fund and those unemployed who need benefits the most, will be heard in the House Ways and Means Committee (HWMC) tomorrow, Tuesday, 3-10-15, at 1:30 PM. HB 482, Reduce Some Unemployment Benefits, brought forward by the NMBC and sponsored by Rep Larranaga, will be beneficial for businesses, workers who’ve been steadily employed but lose their job through no fault of their own, and the Unemployment Trust fund. For more information on HB 482, READ MORE HERE.

We encourage all who can make it to Santa Fe tomorrow afternoon to testify in support of this bill. Please contact the NMBC if you are interested in carpooling to Santa Fe.

If you are unable to make it to the committee meeting and have not done so already, please SEND AN EMAIL TO ALL HWMC MEMBERS. We also ask you to forward this to everyone you know!