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Photo shot Friday January 15, 2021. (Eddie Moore/Albuquerque Journal)

Call To Action: Immediate Change to Legislative Procedure Needed

The Legislative process for public participation is excluding citizens from engaging with lawmakers – barring them from from hearing both sides of critical issues. We urge you to stand with NMBC and demand the rules be amended to allow New Mexicans to participate on equal footing or stop the session until the public can be included.  Take action HERE.

We knew this years Legislative Session would be a challenge with remote access and covid restrictions, but we didn’t think it would result in exclusion from the process and silenced New Mexican voices.The rules for participation in both the House and Senate differ widely, but they are frequently blocking the public’s ability to meaningfully participate.
The Senate requires 24 hours notice if someone wants to comment, and even if you are granted access (which many are not), committee chairs can change the agenda at any time. If you’re lucky enough to receive a link to join the meeting and your bill comes up for discussion, many people are not recognized and are thus blocked from commenting.
The house is better, but still has problems. The meeting links allowing public participation are posted with the schedule, however, when a person raises their electronic hand to speak, they are sometimes denied that right. Additionally, both chambers have at times severely restricted the time allowed for public comment on critical subjects.

This situation is unjust and untenable for the remainder of the session. 

Click HERE or the link below to quickly and easily contact your legislator using our call to action.