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Legislative Session Update 2/19/2021: Halfway through

  • Post published:February 19, 2021
  • Post category:News

The Legislative Session hit the halfway point yesterday. Legislators crammed in the last few bills before the noon cutoff for new legislation on Thursday, to include 78 “dummy” bills, with a grand total of 886 pieces of legislation. Lawmakers will use these “dummy” bills at the end of each legislative session to resurrect dead bills, push through last minute legislation or to respond to emergencies. The Dummy bills will become significantly more important in the last days of the session, and NMBC will update you on those as they become more active.

So far the Session is only close to passing two major bills – the repeal of New Mexico’s abortion law and the critical economic relief measures designed to help with NM’s recovery from the damage wrought by the pandemic. However, as we draw closer to the end of the session we will see more bills emerging from the tumult of the committees. Currently NMBC is focusing on 45 bills that are working their way through the Senate and House, you can watch those bills HERE.  For more information on the session, click HERE to read more.