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Legislative Session Update 2/24/2021

  • Post published:February 24, 2021
  • Post category:News

Newly proposed changes to the state’s liquor laws passed the House yesterday afternoon to the chagrin of current license holders. House Bill 255 was approved 41-27 and now heads to the Senate. The bill would create an entirely new license allowing restaurants to sell liquor without full licensure. It would also change the tax code for existing owners of liquor licenses by permanently waiving fees for some current license holders and any family that inherits the license. The bill would also allow alcohol delivery under some circumstances as a way to help local eateries in their Covid-19 recovery. Click HERE to read more.

Two proposed paid leave bills sponsored by Rep. Christine Chandler  have continued their way through the house. House Bill 20 applies to paid sick leave and would give employees, regardless of a business’s size, the ability to use up to 64 hours of accrued paid leave per year. And House Bill 38, deals with family and medical leave. It would create a new state fund that employers and workers would both pay into, starting in June 2023. Rep. Chandler, who sponsored both bills, argues that while this is asking a great deal from local employers, the covid relief and business aid measures passed during this session will make up for the hardship. “We’ve been investing a lot in businesses during the session,” Chandler said. “We’re supporting businesses, and we’re supporting employees, too.” Click HERE to read more.