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Legislators moving fast on business legislation, but you can help

  • Post published:June 19, 2020
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Since the pandemic shutdown began in March, NMBC has been working determinedly to help the state, it’s businesses and employees in every way possible get back on their feet. Whether it’s the comprehensive plan to reopen and “Get New Mexico back to work“, partnering with mayors from across the state, or reaching out to the Governor herself addressing business concerns on unemployment insurance(UI), NMBC will always fight for NM’s best interests.

As the state’s legislators deliberate at the capital, now is when the rubber meets the road and time is of the essence. Legislators are working quickly, and hope to wrap up the special session as soon at this weekend if they’re able. Senators and  Representatives are currently working on Senate bill 13 which would address two critical concerns for NM’s economic rehabilitation: 
  • An update to address the UI formula rate calculation and adjustment to “hold employers harmless” for the massive layoffs they had no say in. Unless legislators take action, UI taxes paid by businesses will skyrocket and further damage their struggling recovery.
  • Replenishment of the UI fund. This will have to be addressed as part of the budget and is a request of $350 million in order to keep the fund solvent. At the current rate the UI fund will run completely dry in the next 2-3 months.
NMBC will continue working with State Legislators like House Minority Whip Rod Montoya, Senator Cliff Pirtleand calling for swift action to ensure our businesses and jobs get the help they need to ensure the state’s comeback. Read more HERE

Here’s how you can help:

Time is short and legislators are moving fast, so NMBC encourages you to call the office of the Governor and request that she put Senate bill 13 on the list of bills to be heard on the floor and taken up for a vote. Our businesses and jobs depend on it.

The Office of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham:

(505) 476-2200