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Local Elections with Statewide Implications

  • Post published:May 1, 2017
  • Post category:Issues

Another Important Vote today in Dona Ana County: Long lines are also anticipated in the Las Cruces area for the vote on positions 3 and 4 of the Board of the Dona Ana Soil and Water Conservation District. Land use issues and water rights are important battle grounds where established leaders, like Joe Delk, the current Chair on the Board, are needed. NMBC wants to point out another red flag for voters, that is, progressive groups (who favor higher taxes and extreme environmental agendas to control land/water) are spending thousands of dollars ‘against’ Joe Delk in position 3 and Kent Thurston in position 4. More information on voting locations in Dona Ana County HERE.

Local Elections – Statewide Implications: The last thing we need in New Mexico are more regressive taxes that hurt working families (and the children supporters say they want to help,) and more progressive (government growth) elected officials. The sugar tax vote is in Santa Fe today, but you can be assured that ballot initiatives and other efforts to pass similar taxes are underway around the state. The vote in Las Cruces for the Dona Ana County Soil and Water Conservation District Board will also send a message around the state. This election gives voters the clear choice between free-market land and water stewards (Joe Delk and Kent Thurston) or candidates being called ‘progressive champions.’ It’s not a statewide race, but the direction our state moves starts at the community level.