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To promote and foster a pro business environment in which small businesses can flourish, provide jobs and help build the economy in New Mexico.

To accomplish this vision, the New Mexico Business Coalition will unite business owners and employees to support elected officials who will put business in the forefront of federal, state, city and local laws, rules and policies. The New Mexico Business Coalition believes New Mexicans deserve elected officials who will:

  • Seek the lowest level of sustainable government to provide for society’s basic needs;
  • Support the lowest possible level of taxation to support those basic needs;
  • Promote clean, open government that will not tolerate corruption, pay-to-play or secrecy as its operation, or in its consideration of laws, rules or policies;
  • Support only non-prejudicial laws, rules or policies that are fair to all parties and do not favor, promote, or assist any group of persons to the detriment of other groups or persons.

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To pay over the phone with a credit card, call 505.836.4223.
Checks may be written and mailed to:
P.O. Box 95735
Albuquerque, NM 87199