Methane Regulation Petition

The oil and gas industry is vital to the economy of New Mexico, contributing more than any other industry to education, infrastructure,  healthcare, and public safety. On top of that, they are very cognizant of how much waste and pollution they create, trying to keep it to a minimum to save on costs and keep our air clean. In fact, even though oil and natural gas production is ramping up, methane emissions are actually going down.

Now the oil and gas industry is facing the possibility of restrictive methane reduction measures by the New Mexico Environmental and Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources departments. We here at NMBC urge the legislators proposing these measures to consider that the oil and gas industry is an essential partner to New Mexico’s economy and well-being, and that imposing these regulations will cause major cost increases as the industry makes widespread changes to comply with the restrictions. The impact of this regulation will affect all New Mexicans.

We’ve created a petition that urges caution and common sense in the creation of these regulations. If you’d like to sign the petition, please click this link or the Sign Petition button below.