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Mixed Signals for New Mexico

  • Post published:August 9, 2022
  • Post category:News

Virgin Galactic is sending mixed signals to the people of New Mexico.

Months ago, Virgin Galactic stated that they wanted to build their new facility in New Mexico and many plans were discussed, drafted, and seemed to be going smoothly. Fast-forward to last month, Virgin Galactic says that they want to build that new facility in Arizona instead, sparking debate as to why they were even in talks with New Mexico in the first place; it doesn’t make sense, right?

As of a couple days ago, Virgin Galactic is going back on it’s original promise to do business with the state. In a press release, the company stated that they bought massive amounts of land in Sierra County to still do business with New Mexico, in the form of building their new Astronaut Campus. This new campus will house many astronauts while also training them to get ready for launching into space. The target goal is to have a fully functioning facility and campus, so astronauts could launch into space by 2025 or early 2026. 

This is great news for the state, regardless of the mixed signals originally introduced as it will greatly benefit the economy of the state, bring new jobs to Sierra County, and improve the lives of many New Mexicans.

You can read more about this new deal, by clicking or tapping HERE.