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Moody’s CNN ‘Back To Normal’ index has bad news for NM

  • Post published:September 30, 2020
  • Post category:News

CNN Business and Moody’s Analytics have joined together in creating a national “Back To Normal” index for rating and evaluating states recoveries to pre-covid levels. The index was created using 37 indicators including government statistics and information from private firms that evaluate economic trends in real time for each state.  Recovery rates in the upper midwest region are now among the lowest and most stable in the country, and the regional economy has come back due to the shortened length of lockdown orders and less reliance in industries like energy and tourism that were devastated by the pandemic.

While other rural states with big open spaces and lower populations are generally in the Top 15 Performers, New Mexico falls in the bottom 15 Performers nationwide. This is due largely to our prolonged statewide shutdown orders, and restrictive health protection measures imposed on businesses. Maybe it’s time for a new, more balanced approach to leadership in Santa Fe? To read the full report click HERE.

For more information on the imbalance of Santa Fe politics and to hear the stories of New Mexicans struggling with 92 years of single party leadership, click the link below to visit the Dare NM homepage. It’s time to bring balanced ideas and temperment to Santa Fe so we can provide the future our families need. Do you Dare to change New Mexico?