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More businesses reopening as most NM counties achieve ‘Turquoise level’

  • Post published:May 7, 2021
  • Post category:News

After the Governor’s latest change to the ‘Red to Green’ reopening framework, most NM counties are now comfortable categorized at the ‘Turquoise’ level. The Turquoise tier of the state restrictions only allows for most businesses to operate at 75% capacity indoors. While still a far cry from being able to operate like normal, the Turquoise counties are seeing business traffic slowly increase as more customers trickle in. KOAT news 7 recently reported on the growing business activity in downtown that’s lead some businesses to even expand and take advantage of the increase in customer demand. 

As for when New Mexico can fully reopen though, that’s still up for debate. The Governor has said that by late June or early July the state will be fully reopened. The caveat there is that full reopening is dependent on the state’s population reaching 60% immunization rates. The state now estimates that 46% of adults in the state are fully vaccinated and 59% have received at least one dose. And that news sounds promising, but after a year of moving goal posts and restrictions that were not based on science many New Mexicans aren’t holding their breath. Click HERE to read more.