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More NM businesses left behind as Governor issues uneven openings

  • Post published:June 23, 2020
  • Post category:News

With beer drinkers across the state rejoicing about the Governor’s recent decision to open New Mexico’s breweries up for customer service, many other business are wondering when they too will be able to resume operations. New Mexico’s bars will remain closed despite the many similarities to breweries and sharing many of the same clientele. According to the Governor is comes down to licensing. Breweries who make more than 50% of their revenue from food were allowed to open half capacity because according to the Governor and her sources, they are safer than a bar environment.

But what about the shuttered businesses who are as safe, or even safer than a brewery? Last week a group of New Mexico wineries sent a letter to the Governor asking if they too could open their doors. As a driver of $60 million into the state economy, the wine industry in NM is a huge contributor of desperately needed state revenue. But there was no official reason given as to why they have been ordered to remain shut when breweries who operate under almost identical practices were allowed to resume.

Purveyors of alcohol are only one example of the blatant disparities in how our state’s administration is managing the reopening and the detrimental effects it’s having on our residents. With no plan or road map to guide business owners and prepare for reopening, those who have remained shut are forced to wait with bated breath for short notice announcements from the Governor. NMBC’s plan to get New Mexico back in business was submitted to the Governor in late April as a suggestion for a path back to normalcy. And while NMBC didn’t expect the governor to adopt and implement the plan, we did hope for something, anything. It’s been astonishing to behold the lack of information and forewarning given to businesses who have no idea what to expect or when, and pocketbooks running thinner by the day. Read more HERE